mail art for Linda K ; ^ )

I decided to make an envelope to send Linda's 4 x4 at the same time I decided I did not want to throw away the paper I had been working on top of while making her piece.

It all started with this scrap paper below, which is drawing weight.

 To strengthen this paper for a proper envelope, I added tissue papers to the reverse side. I put them down randomly using matte medium to attach the tissue to the scrap paper.

I let that dry and found an "kreate-a-lope" template in a good size.

The tissued paper is now cut to size -
The clear template allows you to position designs where you wish.

The inner square is used as a guide to fold the envelope.
You can see the tissue paper I applied is now on the inside of the envelope.

pretty cool! 

very cool! 

Hope you enjoy this idea. You don't even need a template to make an envelope!
Use an existing one as a guide or make up your own. 
have fun! : ^ ) lenna