playing on a summer day

{ art journal July 15 + 16 }

I like how my art journal allows me to play and to try whatever I feel like doing without worry. To concentrate mostly on doing and enjoying! I do love exchanges where I am given parameters and themes as those often help to me get started in my art making.
But there is really something about working on a free theme without any boundaries or expectations, except to try to do "something" for at least a few minutes everyday.
Writing and sharing about it here on my blog really helps me to keep this project alive. I do not think everything I do in my art journal is fabulous -- but the act of being creative every day is most certainly fabulous! And that is what keeps me going.

Last night I added a few papers to my art journal, and doing that suggested to me to add a little charcoal pencil. The scrapbook paper I laid down on the right had a bit of a dark edge and I wanted more.

The leafy paper on the left was a leftover piece from an earlier spread. I liked that paper so much, I could not help but add what was left. I found both papers at Alpha Stamps.

After I drew with the charcoal pencil, I smudged it a bit with my finger. Then I left the journal alone at that point, after spending about 10 minutes working on it. I wasn't done, but I was ready to stop and let my brain marinate about what I might do next!

This afternoon, I added another image of a flower from the same paper still on my desk (used in a previous spread) and a copy of a collage sheet image I had found at Alpha Stamps: Blue Birds. I copied this collage sheet onto a tan piece of stationary as well as a transparency sheet as you can see below. I liked the collage sheet images, but wanted them to look different. I also added more charcoal to both sides of the page, added a ticket stub and wrote what I was thinking while working and smudged the charcoal a bit more. When I was done, I sprayed the page with a matte sealer to stop the charcoal from smudging.

Finishing the spread, I added the repeat of the collage sheet image, this time printed on a transparency next to the flower. Then I went looking for a few favorite quotes to add -click for details. After printing those out and gluing them on the page, I colored the white water color paper in a little with pink water soluble crayons and splattered watered-down Halo Pink Gold Lumiere paint across the spread - I love how that looks!

All in a summer's day, right? How is your summer becoming?
; ^ ) lenna