black, black, black as night

{ art journal august 19-22 }

I have been working on this journal spread a little bit here and a little bit there over the past few days. It started with more of that interesting paper from Selvedge magazine in colors I don't usually work with, like black and red. I used this paper to cover just the edges of the pages and left it at that for the time being. click on any photo = more details.

I came back the next day and added leftover paper scraps of rubber stamping like you see on the paper on the table below, to the bottom of each page. Then I got out my black paint! You may also recognize part of Steven's pirate disguise laying on the table below. We had braided wax linen and added beads. He did not want to save them and I could not just toss them out!!

I glued those wax linen braids to the page with goop glue . . . then added a black feather, a shell and a piece of coral with the same glue. (click for detail)

Sometime later, I decided to start writing with a white sakura Glaze pen. My writing was done more as a pattern than anything else but I had fun rhyming and filling the page. I also drew some moons and stars, which have a great significance to my husband Steven and me. I did like those braids from his pirate garb hanging there, but I still did not think the pages were "done".

To finish the pages I added a large white feather next to the black one, plus a zettiology rubber stamp I love that says - What we want is to make something that utterly fills the sight. (true for me) I stamped it with a white Brilliance pad after practicing and it worked out perfectly, I was pleased. I also rubber stamped a bird stamp I have in both black and white, and I spread a little accent of white super sparkle Lumiere paint around the edges in a couple of places. I used my finger to apply it. On top of one of the white accents I stamped a faux postage stamp by Cats Life Press that has a woman's face -click to view it better, above on the left. I also added another shell and iridescent glass balls.

Ah, matey! The last thing I added on the right was Steven's drawing of a fouled anchor with my name below it. He tries to tell me it means we are entangled, but then he always jokes about how I am "stuck with him"! The drawing was for a tattoo I was to give him by copying his design with a Sharpie marker, all for the pirate party. We ran out of time and I did not draw it on his arm this time. But in 2006, I did give him the same tattoo! You'll have to click to enlarge the photo to see it at all! But you see, full circle . . . all these things make semse to me and end up in my art journal! 

Steven sailing Nimda in the Thousand Islands, Canada - 2006

Have fun!
do something creative!
xo lenna 

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