color blast

art journal 8.28 by creativelenna
art journal 8.28, a photo by creativelenna on Flickr.
{ art journal 8/27 + 8/28 }

This started with a bit of blue ink on the page from the previous spread that I wanted to keep. You can see it on the top and bottom of the pages. I worked with water soluble oil pastels instead of crayons this time and added the pink. I also had two stickers from a butternut squash I was compelled to use -in the corners!

I layered papers down and added more pastels
* Thanks to Valerie in Germany for the super old book pages! *

dripped on acrylic inks . . .

then spritzed with water, so everything ran.

I stopped there for the time being . . . 
notice my art table is still holding it together! I am trying to be a little neater.

the next day -

I had recently found this old photo of me taken in perhaps 1999, when I lived with my 2 sons, their father and a melange of cats and dogs in Canton, CT. It was back when we sent photos to be processed. This photo was done incorrectly so all the colours were wild and yet I had never thrown it out. The rectangular pieces on the right are trimmed from the photo on the left . . . I liked the blast of colors!

Because the photo and the pieces were more raised, I decided to add a coat of self-leveling gel medium over everything to pull all the pieces together . . . 

I added sunflower sparkle perfect pearls pigment powder, by ranger. It stuck right to the gel medium, without any problems.

a final scan is below! 
That was a lot of fun. ; ^ ) There are only 2 spreads left is this notebook, wow.
* thanks to Jewels for the special delivery stickers! *

I did finally sign up for the Sketchbook Project 2012 so I may use that in conjunction with this project - an idea!  The information about the 2012 sketchbook project is here and my artwork in the 2011 sketchbook project can be found here. My sketchbook is now part of the art house co-op's digital library!

I had some questions within the comments of this post that I thought I would repeat here within the text in case others were wondering the same, but did not check the comments.
  • Sandra L asked, What brand of acrylic ink are you using? I have a bottle of the Liquitex but haven't tried anyone else's yet.  ~ Hi Sandra, I picked up 3 bottles of Daler Rowney "FW" artist acrylic inks at my local art store and have been trying them out. They're a new thing for me and different from what I am used to. The acrylic inks are more saturated and much less transparent than let's say Dye-Na-Flow or something like that. I've not tried the Liquitex yet . .. I think on the whole these type of inks are more permanent. : ) lenna
  • Sandra G asked,"I've never used the self leveling gel medium. I take it that you use it to get all the collage pieces to sit at the same shelf level so things don't look lop sided? What name brand did you use?"  ~ Since the photo pieces were sticking up a lot more than the base, I thought using gel medium over all would help even things out a bit. The pieces still stick up, but the edges are softer and I think it is less noticeable. It has pulled them together for me.
    I use Golden brand. I've had good luck with that gel medium. It is a high quality artists grade. The self leveling is different from let's say the regular matte medium because of it's consistency -it flows easily across your work and levels out. It also has a gloss sheen to it which I sometimes like. You can read more about both here in my "store" where I have gathered products I like to use!
    : ) lenna