paper boat

can you see the blueprint of the boat design?
It is called a Dogwatch, and my grandfather had one.

Well, the rain has let up but don't be surprised that my art journal spread is called: paper boat. I found some really interesting paper in a UK magazine called Selvedge. I received just a few issues (a small subscription) after reading about it on Frieda's blog. It really is so different from any US magazines -the paper is not thin and shiny. It is thick and matte flat! I had pulled a couple of pages out of the magazine and saved them because their design was so interesting to me. Here is how I started . . .

I glued the pages into my journal and used water color crayons on the edges. 

I spritzed with butterscotch and denim Adirondack Color Wash after wetting the page.

And then I wet the page some more to blend. Let dry overnight.

I added transparencies and the sequin waste I have been using as a stencil.
I really need to clean off my table. It is a mess! 

I added Citrine green Lumiere with my finger. 
Splashed on a bit more denim color wash and also 14K gold Kyrlon marker.

No words (journaling) this time! 
: ^) lenna