art journal

I have not been working in my art journal on a daily basis because I decided at the end of August that striving to be creative every day in whatever way I could, might work better for me instead of doing one thing. See this post for more on this. Since then, I have done a number of different things daily -at least some little creative thing, but I did miss my art journal. So, this is what happened over the past few days. It allowed me to create, which I needed to do and it allowed me to journal my thoughts and share them with you, which was important to me. Click to enlarge.

I sprayed Adirondack washes on in butterscotch, lettuce + denim, then I sprayed with plain water. This journal is filled with watercolor paper so it accepts all this wet media readily. 

I love the patterns that were made by the spraying + diluting with water.

Then I sat down and wrote. That was what I wanted to do and it felt good.

Within my journaling I wanted to include the not good news, the bad news about my dad's health -his cancer. We received it this past weekend when he went to the hospital.

 I have been wearing this necklace made by my friend Sharon Borsavage almost constantly lately. It is a welcome reminder to me of how to help myself through this time.
Thank you to all my friends for their support and love.