The cover: sketchbook project 2012

The pages of my sketchbook have been removed and reconfigured. Before I return them to the sketchbook I thought I should work on the cover itself. This would be easier to do without the pages inside. If you missed the previous post that shows removing the pages, you can catch up by reading here.

I started with a thin layer of a paper napkin and fluid matte medium.

On the right I added a page of text first . . . and gold pigment powder.

And on the left, some handmade paper.

More sections of a paper napkin was applied with matte medium.

Rubber stamps were used with StazOn permanent ink.

I added my title with alphabet letter stamps:
Encyclopedia of . . .  how and why (of what, is to be revealed/determined!)

Trying out the extended, folded pages . . . .

I would like to prepare the pages a bit more before sewing them into the spine; either by painting them or adding some background paper to them. I'm on a roll with this sketchbook and it feels good!

yours creatively, lenna