Rosie Mae's cheesy dream biscuits!

I was reading my friend Joanna's blog when she told us about making dog biscuits for her sweet pup Rosie Mae - yes, making them herself! In a comment, I mentioned to Joanna that I just might need that recipe, having two sweet pups of my own. Joanna sent it to me directly today! This recipe looked so easy I decided to try it out right away. The oven was on for dinner anyway . . . . and our dogs love treats.

I had given away all my cookie cutters when we moved to Florida (one less thing to move) and so instead, I decided to cut out square "biscuits" with a knife, after rolling the dough out. Steven would rather have small treats for the dogs anyway and so that worked out well. It was easy to do and the dogs love them! 

many thanks to Joanna : ) lenna