GPP Street Team Series: Evidence

click for larger photos -I have been following Michelle Ward's challenges and sometimes participating . . . not as much as I wanted to, but I have done some challenges! I saw that she announced this challenge and then almost forgot about it this month. With the deadline looming I pulled through today! She wanted us to make a deliberate effort to get ourselves into photos and eventually, those photos in to our journals.

I take a lot of photos. Blipfoto, a photo journal site I joined one year ago (thank you, Frieda!!) is the main culprit behind the amount of photos I take. Using that site as a photo journal and viewing other photos, talking to other members there, really got me into carrying my camera most everywhere and recording life and interesting things by taking lots of photos. The mosaic above concentrating on photos of me for the challenge was photos gleaned from the month of December only!

And I will hesitantly admit to you that I counted roughly over 1200 photos in my files that I took in December alone! I delete many photos I take if they just aren't right ... but my husband takes photos too. Most of the ones above Steven took, even if he himself is in the photo - he loves to hold the camera out and do just that!  Michelle: I definitely will start a new journal with one or more of these photos and then update you!

Thank you for your tremendous efforts and really great challenges. Yours, lenna