Art Journal every day with Julie Balzer

 - Last year, when I was really just starting out with Art Journaling, I found Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She gave me lots of inspiration, ideas, and she really got me committed to working in a journal just for myself, which I did almost every day for four months! Wow. I love those 2 journals -see them here - that I packed full of art techniques, exploration, discoveries, and photographs I took. I put my raw feelings and emotions into those journals through words or art . . . it became a diary of sorts. My only trouble was after 4 months, I had a hard time trying to continue on a daily basis -even if it was just to prepare a background on a page - and felt guilty when I didn't! So I decided to continue art journaling, but not on a daily basis, along with all the other creative things i like to do.

But you know what? I missed it! And I did not journal as regularly without that commitment.

Today I came across Julie's first Friday post for Art Journal Everyday (on her blog) called: Why I Art Journal. I highly recommend you go read it!! Besides being a great article in itself, I discovered that Julie has decided to tweak the Art Journal every day project a bit and I think it's a fantastic idea! She writes:

I'm doing the "sign-ups" a little bit differently in 2012.  Instead of committing ahead of time (and then feeling guilty if you don't do it), every week I'll ask you to link us up to an art journal page you made that week.  You can post it on your blog, on flickr, in a scrapbooking gallery, wherever you want.  This is a no guilt game.  If you get a little art journaling done, great!  If you don't, c'est la vie.

I love it! I'm in, Julie. Below are some of my favorite pages I made via ART Journal every day in 2011 -

* * *