collage on canvas

Earlier this month I created two collages. Both of them were done on canvas. One of them was for my mom, and one was made for my husband Steven -for Christmas, which is why you have not seen them yet! This year we did not do much for the holidays, but when I asked Steven what he might like -he suggested more artwork, and specifically, something like the "What If" collage I made for him when we first re-connected. He told me he loves to receive pieces like this from me because they always show a slice of time - where we were (or are) right at that moment in time. Here is the "What If" collage I gave him in 2004:

I was going to see Steven in person after a few years of being out of touch, followed by a phone call and a few days of emailing back and forth. I was separated at the time; my first husband whom Steven knew, had left me, and I recently discovered that Steven was divorced. I knew Steven was an artist and wanting to impress him, I thought I would bring him a gift of art. I had a background already done on a small 3x5 canvas, created with masking tape and acrylic paint. I quickly found an interesting image from ARTchix Studio and stamped a script background over everything with permanent ink. I searched for words to go with my image of the man blowing bubbles (with a woman inside!) and found one of my own LennaLines stamps, what if?  That was exactly how I felt. What if Steven and I were to spend more time together? I never thought about this when I first called him, but after we sent about 15 or 20 emails back and forth in two days . . . well, you can imagine I was considering it! I did not tell him this yet, but later he marveled at how the collage I created was really expressing what was going on at the time. 

This is the collage I made for him this Christmas. There are words written around the sides to describe how our love is like water, which you can see in the slideshow below. He has this collage in a stand now on his computer desk.

And the collage I made for my mom with a photo I took of her flowers. 
Gardening has been a saving grace for her after the loss of my dad. 

I based what I did on the instructions in the online class I teach called Collage on Canvas. As I created these two collages I took photos, like a diary of my process. If you are interested in seeing that, you can view the slideshow below. If you can't see the video below or want to view it full-screen, then follow this link and enjoy!

Wishing you a creative and joyous New Year ; ^ )  lenna