Mail Art received

I received lots of lovely mail and mail art this past month that I wanted to acknowledge. Thanks to everyone who sent wishes this Holiday season -so lovely! I really appreciated your kindness. The pieces below have been out on my desk for my enjoyment and have even been distracting me. I finally scanned them so I can share with you and now they have been hung up for display.

You may already know that I love Mail Art. To view all of my posts tagged with mail art and enjoy quite a bit of eye candy, click here (this post will appear at the top, scroll down). And of course for a larger version of the scans below, click once to open and then another time for even larger.

Thanks so much Beth. I love, love, love the ATC you enclosed!
Beth's blog is here for more yummyness.

This card and envelope from Dave Dube - Old Paper Art - is so special.
You can read more about this particular envelope here.

I adore these Palmer Cox Brownies and Dave knows that . . .
especially after I sent him the envelope below, earlier this year:

A beautiful heartfelt card -thank you!

And lastly, the mail below is from Lindsay in Belgium - visit her online here
I still need to return mail a postcard to her and I will do so this month. I love the layers of papers, the colors she used and especially the message on her heart - beautiful! 

Why not mail some art today and enjoy!