Tag Tuesday: Snow

No, it is not snowing here in Florida-yet, but it was only 34 degrees this morning, yikes! (cold spell) . . . I suppose we could have seen snow. But instead the idea of snow comes because I have registered for Tag Tuesday hosted by Carolyn Saxby and this week's theme is SNOW. I started with photos from the past since I now live in the land of palm trees, sand & sun . . . click for details if you wish!

2007 - Avon CT

bird footy prints in the snow

2007 - Avon, CT

 First I printed my photos on cardstock but I then tried inkjet vellum and liked that better.

I sewed the printed vellum to a fabric handkercheif

Then cut the tag down and added a section of a second photo printed in vellum on top 
of the first one -- using my xyron adhesive. 

Then I decided to make a second tag, leaving the first to finish later. 
I layered fabrics underneath the vellum print of the photo . . . 

Then sewed them together, adding decorative stitches.

 More fabrics and trims added . . . . 

Fun stuff! Now I will share photos of the finished tags on Tag Tuesday and I'll get to use these myself however I wish! There is a new theme every Tuesday -come check it out, click here!