traveling hearts

For Lindsay

Back in November, Lindsay of Dryada Journals in Belgium visited my blog and commented. Then I went and visited her blog and read about how she was creating mail art and even offering to send some. I took her up on that but promised to send her something too. Below is what Lindsay sent me in December; you may have already seen it via a recent post I did on mail art. The heart with the message is something I believe Lindsay calls Travel Hearts. : ) thanks so much, Lindsay!

Today I took a piece of leftover vellum I printed yesterday for tags and put it together with a piece of cast-off jeans and a little heart I cut out of felt. See my process below.

Alphabet Rubber stamps and writing with a Sharpie marker

The vellum side - I glued a large snowflake in-between the jeans & the vellum

All sewn up! Click for details.

I placed the postcard in a glassine envelope . . . 
Now it is on the way to Belgium! 

mail some art today and feel better!