collage for the soul

Sometimes it seems like there are so many things I could write about and share with you that I don't know where to begin! Does that happen to you? Well, I decided I would at least share something about a fairly major event for me; teaching an IN-Person class for the first time since I moved to Florida over 2 years ago.

The photo above pretty much sums up what the day was like . . . happy! That's me on the right, with my friend Cheryl Wilson next to me; she hosted the class in her home. Gail Condrick, one of my Nia movement instructors is to the left of Cheryl working on her collage, and Jean, another Nia student and friend is up close in the red shirt. My friend and fellow Nia student Ann is taking the photo! I would say the class was a success. It was a lot of work for me, especially since I have not done this in a while, but I received many wonderful comments and we all enjoyed.

Tom wrote, "Lenna, I greatly enjoyed meeting you and taking your class. Thank you." 
He is already interested in a second class, which is in the works!
Jane wrote, "Your class was just what the doctor ordered! It really help palpitate my soul! Totally inspired."
Cheryl wrote, "Wonderful Creative Day with friends old & new. Lenna - amazing teaching, art and facilitation."
Ann said, "Creative Lenna's Collage for the Soul Workshop -we had so much fun and she is a great teacher!"
Wow! Thank  you all so much. What a lovely way to be welcomed back into teaching classes in person.

my students at work (play)

The lovely Zoe came by to visit (left) while Gail is working 

Gail's most wonderful collage!

Ann is working on her collage, lovely.

Jane had a blast and was very inspired! 

Tom did a marvelous job - love his contrasting colors

Ann & Cheryl adding to their art

Jean's lovely collage with a beach theme

Cheryl  is happy : 0 ) 

It was a great experience. After I rest up I will certainly be ready to do it again!!
Thanks to all of my students for your enthusiasm & wonderful art. yours creatively, lenna