she is free

A 5x7 collage I made for a challenge on ARTchix Studio's facebook page -
my entry for the Challenge of BIRDS, EGGS, NESTS and/or CHARTREUSE!!

I did not win, but I love playing in Helga's challenges, anytime. 
I'm inspired by ARTchix's supplies and have been for years and years!

Tomorrow, I will be more free myself, hmmmmmm.   :  ( 

My boys are heading back to Boston in the very early morning hours. We have been lucky to have both of my sons and their wives/partners here with us for 5 full wonderful days. Nothing like having some youngsters around! They range from 26 to 30 years old. Click on any photo for a larger one.

Dallas on my Dad's old John Deere tractor. It's now at Lucas Boatworks and still used
by my husband. My dad used to tow my boys around in an attached cart when they were small.

Liz, Steve, Tina and Decklin checking out a Lucas Boatworks Boat (handbuilt)

Decklin and Liz climbed inside the boat Dave Lucas is finishing!

we went kayaking on the river : )

Then the kids cooked dinner for us!! I'd say miss Asia looks quite interested : ))

Had to cap off the evening with toasting marshmellows : ))
Decklin, Tina and Dallas

I will miss them . . . . even though our house is small for 6 adults and we needed lots more food in the house!!

Love them all, so glad to spend time together. A wonderful birthday present!! xo