Art House Co-op Projects ~ whoo-hoo!

The Photo Response project . . . 
What's a picture worth to you?
1000 words? A quick sketch? Or a photo in return? The Photo Response Project asks artists to perform a visual translation. Choose one of the five photographs and respond to it in any visual medium — just keep the dimensions to 4" x 6". Write a (very) short story, draw or paint, manipulate the image itself or simply try something new. We'll exhibit each photograph together with its responses and explore the many directions that emerge from a single starting point. For more details click here.
The Photo Response project is the most recently announced project of the Art House Co-op's 'Projects' and it is almost filled - 937/1000 spaces -only about 60 openings as of this writing. This is one of the many FREE collaborative projects they offer . . .  GO HERE to see the complete listings... I will warn you that most of the projects have already filled - they go quickly! There is a mailing list so you can be notified of any new projects. Check it out!

I started participating in ART House Co-op projects by doing the Sketchbook project 2011. You register, they send you a sketchbook, you fill it up however you like & send it back. Art House had done a number of 'Sketchbook projects' before the 2011 one, but I believe that one was the largest: 28,839 artists from 94 countries were sent blank sketchbooks and just under 10,000 books were returned completed, wow! My sketchbook has been on tour around the country last year with the other completed books and now is cataloged in the Art House Co-op's Library in Brooklyn, NY. You can view the pages in my 2011 Sketchbook HERE.

i also joined the Sketchbook 2012 project and finished in January of this year - sent it off to them -that project will begin a world wide tour April 14, 2012. If a tour stop is nearby (dates on the link below) you could go and view the Sketchbooks in person!  Next up for me is the Limited Edition Sketchbook project, called as such because only 5,000 artists could register. I need to have that completed and postmarked by April 30, so you will see me posting on that soon! More on the Sketchbook Projects here on their site. The big news is Art House Co-op will be announcing the new . . . SKETCHBOOK PROJECT 2013 on April 18, 2012 ~ sign up for a reminder at the link above!

Can you tell I enjoy the ART House Co-op's philosophy and projects a little bit?? 
Why yes, i do! So much so I just had to give them a shout-out : ) 

have a happy, creative day! xo lenna