last of the colour groupies . . .

Phew! I really should have shared these ATCs sooner but something or other would always come up and then I would forget . . . only to realize later I still had not written about them! I do want to share with you the last 2 months of Colour Groupies 2011 - ATCs on a color combo theme were exchanged monthly between a group of friends. The group included myself, Frieda Oxenham Debby HarrietthaCaryl Hoobler, Tristan Robin Blakeman. We have decided to take a break after doing this ongoing for 4 years . . . It was really an amazing experience!

November's color combo was Violette and Chocolate, yum!

I used paint chips (samples) scrapbook paper and watercolor crayons.
You can see all 5 ATCs here in my flickr album dedicated to the 2011 exchange.

The last color combo of 2011 was one of my favorites - Gold and Tangerine. 
I decided to do fabric ATCs by creating a fabric collage, then sandwiching it with
batting and a paper card stock back. Let me show you . . .

how i started . . . gathering gold and tangerine

randomly sewing the pieces where I had loosely arranged them

so far, so good 

click for an even closer look

deciding where to cut the ATCs from

one gold and tangerine ATC

sewing the edges on my machine

Yeah! The finished ATCs for December 2011

All the writings and sharing of all the cards 2008-2011 are linked here.
Scroll down past this post to see the others when you get there. There are quite a few posts and if you get to reading, you'll need to click "older posts" at the end of each page. 

my binder for 2011 for this exchange

November 2011

December 2011

A huge thank you to my friends, Frieda, Debby, Caryl & Tristan!! I have 4 years of inspiration to reflect on, not to mention the huge inspiration I received while we were exchanging. 
with love and hugs!