paddles and paint. oh my!

The Lumiere paint and the new design has been a hit; Steven already has orders for three kayak paddles! He has perfected the design of a lightweight handmade kayak paddle that Dave Lucas originally showed him at the boat shop... Steven's paddle blades are made now so that hardly any water drips into the boat or on your lap. If you have kayaked before you know what I am talking about, you usually get wet ; ) Here's a great photo of Steven with 2 of his handmade paddles I took in our kitchen the other night. The kayak paddle shown weighs only 27 oz. and the stand up paddle, only 22 oz!! Talk about less fatique when paddling! Plus, they are made very strong with good wood laminated with fiberglass. A slideshow of the process is here.

One of the paddles Steven's holding is the kayak paddle he made for me. The other one is the stand up paddle he made for me with the special 'S' design, xoxo. This is all for when my arm is better and I can go kayaking again or learn SUP! Unfortunately, I over-stretched my shoulder and arm in a yoga class on February 1st - that long ago.  My doctor says it's tendinitis, which is really no fun and slow to heal. It is very difficult to not re-injure my over-stretched tendons in just regular everyday movements, but I am trying. Steven had tendinitis once when he was a whitewater kayak-er and tells me it could be 3 or 4 months till it is healed. argh.

The last time I posted I showed you Steven's test piece with Lumiere on a small piece of prepared wood. Since that was successful he tried the technique on a canoe paddle he recently made from extra wood, which you'll see below . . .

Asia wants to know if she has to pose with the paddle? So cute!
She is 10 years old now if you can believe . . . loves her daddy.
Goes boating with him any chance she gets!

Just look at the Lumiere paint over the black, wow! 

I think this is a great idea and I'm so glad some other people do too! 

I really love seeing Steven find his way into doing something creative that he can possibly make some money at. Something that can showcase his numerous artistic talents, and something that he loves doing!!  
So, so happy for him. 

steve & lenna 
March 11, 2012