Steven is stealing my paint!

Well, Steven is not really stealing my paint, I gave him permission! He's working on a new design for kayak paddles: drip-less,lightweight paddles -that don't drip a lot of water into the kayak. See the original photos of making these paddles here. He has made some 'non-boring' ones (a joke between us) with a nice contrasting piece of cedar in the handles . . . but he wanted to design a few kayak paddles where he used paint for the 'zing' instead of contrasting wood. He asked if he could he use some of my Lumiere paint?? why yes, perhaps for a kiss I said . . . and below is his test piece. I'll return at another time to show you a finished paddle painted with Lumiere.

Steven painted a masked off area and painted with black first, then sponged on blue & green Lumiere. Click on any photo for more paddle testing details and paint wow-ability! This sample is smaller that the real paddle handle will be.

He is looking like he really stole my paints! 

This looks very promising -- and, he has an order already! 

A curious happening . . .
Earlier today I was shocked to discover that this blog and my creative swaps blog and another blog I have set up but not published to yet (a photo blog) were truly removed from the world wide web!! When I went to the blog addresses I saw a page that said they no longer existed and had been removed. I questioned blogger via a form and sent in a verification code they text messaged me. After an hour or two, my blogs were back again. When I was asked to verify myself blogger said something about unusual activity on my sites . . . I don't know what it was (the solar flares?? a spammer?) but I am glad to have them back, especially this blog. It is a 5 year journey of my art and life. I really would have been okay without it, but I am glad it has returned!!

last night Steven took this photo, I'm
wearing necklaces from Frieda and Cat D-E
thank you again!