a valentine for the birthday boy

Steven's birthday is tomorrow! He'll be turning 56, which is kind of hard to believe looking at him . . .

I think he still looks like a youngster and he acts like one too, sometimes - ha! 
We still joke about finding a home in a retirement community for him, 
I guess I'll need to join him now that I turned 55!

I wanted to share this Animoto Video I made for him. If the video is not displayed 
below, you can find it online via this link. I think it looks best full-screen;
just click once on the brackets in the lower right corner.

"Cause all my life goes so fast, Hope my time slows, so this can last . . ." 
the lyrics (in the video) are by Keegan Smith. After viewing this video, the song stays with me for a while . . . 
a really nice song and a different layout for adding photos on this Animoto video -I like it a lot. 
It is amazing how a few well chosen photos and some music can evoke so many feelings. 
Have you ever tried making one of these Animoto videos? it's quite easy. Go HERE!

i am very lucky to have Steven in my life. It's hard sometimes to live with someone day in and day out, 
put up with their quirks and sometimes even heartily disagree with them . . . 
but i guess it would be boring otherwise. 
I know that Steven feels as I do. We would not have our lives any other way!! 
We are both truly blessed to be such a good match. 
The moon and stars were looking out for us in 2004 and still are. 

Happy Birthday Steven! 
i love you.