Art Journal Every Day (only when you can!)

"I have some awesomely good news for you: you don't actually have to art journal every day to be a part of Art Journal Every Day. So if you're up for a little bit of "you" time every day (or every other day, or simply when you can) I hope you'll join us for Art Journal Every Day this year."

The quote above is from a very liberating post by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer I read last January! I'm recommending you all go read the entire post: Why I art journal. Back when I read it, I was finishing up my Sketchbook Project 2012 and starting my Limited Edition Sketchbook -all hosted by the Art House co-op. For her Art Journal Every Day, Julie has a link list on her blog. Once a week on Fridays you can upload a link to any art journaling you've done that week. I used the link list for my Sketchbook Project pages a number of times, but today is the first time this year I am using the list to share pages in a journal I am doing just for me - whoo Hoo! How I started:

I had been thinking about starting a new art journal, unrelated to the Sketchbook Project. One that I would do and keep -not a journal to enjoy working in and send off. I was having trouble starting though, because I was looking at the whole big picture and it was overwhelming me. But taking the Stamp Carving 101 class with Julie gave me a small hand carved heart in my hand, looking for someplace to be tested! This was just what I needed to get me thinking about just one page. Then, I had a lot of fun on subsequent days, doing more things in my new journal like squeezing, spreading and combing paint . . .


I had also taken several photographs of my mother's beautiful hibiscus flowers and brought the photos into Photoshop. I made extra layers and tweaked the saturation and properties of those layers. I truly do not know a lot about using Photoshop, I only how to do what I describe as "fooling around with layers", but I have signed up for a short workshop locally next month - yay! I hope to learn more about the program. Anyway, I really like this recent series of creative looking flower photos I took and tweaked. I wanted to put a few of these images in my new journal. I thought about transferring the flower image but decided on printing a couple of these tweaked images onto a clear transparency sheet. Below you'll see one of my hibiscus flowers, printed on a clear transparency sheet and added to my art journal by running it through my xyron adhesive system.

I also wanted to work more with the soft pastels my Creative Breakout instructor Bill Buchman had introduced me to -- and so, I got them out! I really, really like them and need to do more with them. This time I used them simply as flowing lines into my photograph. Click on the photo for more detail - a close up of what the photo printed on a transparency looks like is below:

close up of transparency printed photo

Most of the writing in this journal comes from a list of "positive affirmations" my friend Joanna Urbani in the UK, so kindly sent to me. She created a set of beautiful affirmation cards which of course led me to ask her about the affirmations. On the page above with the soft pastels it reads, "I only allow that which is good come into my life."

Below, I took another affirmation and inserted the text into the photo before printing it out. It reads, "I appreciate all that I am and all that I have." I hand wrote another affirmation on my painted page and it reads, "I am responsible for the day I create for myself." I had been wrestling with this myself lately -how I spend my time each day- so it really hit home to me. I love that this idea/affirmation is now in a journal that I will keep. 

I cannot quite express how happy I am to be working in my own personal art journal again! Don't get me wrong, I love doing the sketchbook projects . . . it is just very different to be working on something for myself totally again. It was about a year ago - May, 2011- that I found Art Journal Every Day and started playing along. At that time I really did try to do some art journaling EVERY DAY. Now I am content to just make sure I get in there and play every week - and so can you! (If you want more . . .  see lots more of my Art Journaling here including earlier journals I did for Art Journal Every day and all my Sketchbook Project journals.)

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