a new look again!

Siesta Key beach, Tuesday May 29, 8:30am
If you actually visit my blog instead of viewing it another way, like through a reader or email subscription, you'll find a big change when you do visit. Now I know some people don't like change, even me sometimes! But as far as my blog I really felt a need to change it up; I've been writing this blog for over 5 years. And so, I have changed it.
Welcome to my new look!

I went back and switched to one of the 'dynamic views' as my blog template. A few of you may remember I tried this last October when this template was fairly new. Soon afterwards I abandoned it and went back to the more traditional look. At the time, dynamic views was quite bare-bones. You'll find the biggest difference is still in the side-bar content . . . although NOW there is a "pop-out" sidebar on the right side when you are on the Home page that has a number of my original items included. Some of my link lists, the list of blogs I visit ("inspiration and fun") and all the labels I add to each post are there. I add labels to my posts to make it easier to find one or a collection of posts and it was a problem for me last October when they were not there in the sidebar. And just as I thought if I just waited a bit, Blogger would work on the template and improve it. They have! Before making this change, I backed up my template and exported my blog so I am all set. I recommend you do the same. Also, I can revert back to my other template anytime I want. Although I doubt I will because I do like seeing my blog this way!

*This is a different format*. I have chosen the Magazine view as the default. Instead of needing to scroll down to find other posts, you will see about 5 posts right when you land on the home page. Important: They will be shortened versions of the post with one photo and a bit of text. You will need to click on the post to see more. There are other dynamic views you can easily look at the blog with by placing your mouse cursor over the word 'magazine', on the top left. Move down the list and click on any of the other views to try them out, see what you like, and use 'Home' to return to where you started.

On the home page with all the posts, if you go over to the right side you will see a tiny border of grey. Just hover over this and this border will pop out. Move down the list with your cursor and choose anything that appeals to you. This is where the sidebar content is. Not as much as my other template design, but enough for me for the moment. I can still refer to my original sidebar in editing mode, so if I need to add more things I will figure out a way to include them. I think personally that it is easier to look at my blog this way and I like it cleaned up. Of course I welcome your comments - Pro OR Con!

To leave a comment while on the blog you will need to scroll down to where it says Add Comment or View Comments. When you click on that it may not seem like anything has happened, but in fact the page has expanded below where you are viewing. Scroll down and you will see the text box to type your comment in!

The photo at the top of this post is my new background for the blog. I took it right before Nia on the beach on Tuesday, when it was very stormy and lots of waves. There was not an option for customizing the background the last time I tried this template so I am happy!! I will be back with more art later today or tomorrow, but I wanted you to to know about these changes. xoxo lenna

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.
 ~ Ettiene De Grellet