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I am really happy to be tuned in again to Art Journal Every Day with Julie Balzer. I feel at peace when I see I have created another spread. You can play along too and work in your journal every day if you like, even if it is just for 10 minutes. Or, you can do as I am now and embrace what Julie said earlier this year: "you don't actually have to art journal every day to be a part of Art Journal Every Day." - What a novel idea!

It really freed me up. I seem to work in my art journal a couple of times a week and with Julie posting on Fridays about art journaling and giving us the opportunity to share our work, this gives me a deadline to meet. I am happy to say my personal art journal filled with positive affirmations is growing beautifully.

This spread started with an interesting magazine page I came across when searching for letters to use in a previous spread. I ripped it out and placed it on my desk and left it. When I came to work in my art journal again, I started by ripping around the edges of the picture so it would fit my journal page. 

Once it was attached to my journal, I spritzed it with water to distress it. 

I painted the opposing page with Halo blue-green Lumiere.

I brought some of the blue-green paint over to the other page with the magazine paper.

I added more water and rubbed the paint around and onto the magazine paper as well.

Over the painted page, I placed a photo of my husband Steven looking out the window on the floating chapel we went on last week, and my chosen affirmation. Both were printed on a clear transparency sheet with my inkjet printer and attached with my xyron system. The "sail" and sailboat is a subscription card to Sail Magazine I picked up when walking the beach with Steven not too long ago. I made it into a tape transfer with packing tape on the front and soaking and removing the paper from the back. That is why you can see the green paint through the sails!

I added white netting over both pages, and there is also a bit of a map design paper napkin (one layer only) on the bottom of the left page. The green thing hanging down is a little compass Steven found on the beach that was attached to another page. I sprinked a bit of light blue stardust glitter on to tacky glue on the white netting (click for details).

Go here to read this week's ART Journal Every Day post and join us if you like!! 

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