from painting to page

Last week I did not work directly in my art journal right away. Though as you might be able to tell from the photo above, my painting exercise ended up in my journal a few days later! I cut it to fit. It was not my plan to paint separately and add the paper to my journal. Instead the painting was done because I felt a need to get back to the exercises I did with Bill Buchman . . . class with him has been over for a month now and I miss it. So, I got out my Cretacolor AquaBriques and my Sennelier soft pastels recommended by Bill and made some marks on the page thinking of shapes and colors, like I was in class.

What this painting looked like before I got it wet . . . 

I spritzed it with water and spritzed underneath it to flatten it down - done on Fabriano Watercolor paper cold press - 140 lbs.

I like to play with a lot of water and the Cretacolor watercolor briques are so pigmented they can handle it. I bought my first bottle of Dylusions Spray the other day from Collage Stuff and tried it (the yellow on the right).

I love the mix of the soft pastels and the watercolor media

I let this dry, sealed it with a fixative and let the painting sit for a few days. I was not sure what I would do with it . . . Then I thought, even though this painting is made on watercolor paper and my journal has watercolor pages, I bet I could still add this to my journal and it would be okay (not too fat). 

I made a template for the size of the page and played around until I found where on my painting I wanted the pages to be. I traced the page shapes and cut them out. Below is a slightly out-of focus photo of the completed pages before I placed them in my journal. I have just run them through my xyron adhesive system

After I placed them in my art journal I added more soft pastels

I chose another affirmation from the list my friend Joanna Urbanni had given me . . .

Thank you so much, I am loving them!

. . . and tried a variety of paint brushes with gesso until I found one that worked, by painting the words on a scrap of the same painted paper, then did it! Sprayed everything again (because of the pastels). I was truly satisfied in so many ways and am happy to add this to the list at Julie Fei-fan Balzer's Art Journal Every day! 

Now Steven and I are off on an exciting adventure to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary!

Read all about it here!!

I will happy publish any comments when I return -scroll down for comments if you are reading on the blog  ; ^ )  lenna

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