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I think originally it was because I told my friend Joanna Urbani in the UK that I would LOVE to receive more mail art from her, that we did a personal exchange. Whoo hoo! We schemed on what to do and then decided to make a postcard for each other and a mail art envelope too! I love Joanna's style and how she approaches her art so I could not be happier to have done this exchange with her. I giggle now to think that we set a size (4x6) and then later I asked Joanna if I could make something larger -5x7. Phew, she said it was okay! Joanna suggested a theme of "friends" for us to work on. This sounded great to me except, duh! I forgot this theme when I went to create my card for her. None the less, everything was done in the spirit of friendship and ended up just fine. We both loved doing this exchange! Here's what I made Joanna, followed by a step by step of my process.
The photographs of the peacock are some I took myself here on Longboat Key, Florida.

My postcard for Joanna started as a challenge piece that I worked on for the Second Floor Challenge. If you would like to read about it from the very beginning, go to this post. The postcard was 1/4 of the whole piece I did for that challenge. The base was watercolor paper and it included water soluble briques and crayons, soft pastels, acrylic paints and embossed rubber stamping. 

 I used a paper napkin image of a peacock to go with my photographs . . .
 and applied it to the postcard withe matte medium
Individual alphabets were used to stamp my message with white ink -
I know Joanna likes this look!

Joanna and I had talked about this saying, it's a song actually -listen here

Then I created an envelope from a large piece of scrapbook paper.
I have a template from Green Sneakers that I've used for years . . .

To decorate it, I used pattern tissue, the photographs I took printed out, and rubber stamps to make it special. I also tried to use interesting US postage stamps. For Joanna's address, I took a piece of the pattern tissue paper, attached it with masking tape to a piece of card stock and sent it through my printer to receive the address I had typed in a document with a decorative font!
 On the back are some of my old LennaLines quote stamps. Even though I do not produce these rubber stamps anymore I still find them so appropriate sometimes.
 Off the card went in the mail, across the pond to the garden of Eden. 
Then, I received Joanna's card and mail art  -  wow!! 
I love how she placed the postage stamp so it looks like the woman 
is gazing at the queen. The striped washi tape from Gauche Alchemy is divine!

* Love-LOVe-lOvE-LovE THIS!!!! ; ^  ) 

* To read more about Joanna's art for this exchange

Thank you so much, Joanna! I hope we do this again!! xoxox lenna

The only gift is a portion of thyself.
  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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