friday is art journal day!

Soft pastels, acrylic paint, one of my hand carved stamps (thanks, Julie!) and a positive affirmation (thanks, Jo!) produced this art journal spread you see below.

I started here . . . .

Next, I spread some pink acrylic paint on the other side with my finger . . .

smudged the soft pastels I had used a bit . . .

 Then I sprayed a bit of ink on the pages (it is still on my work table and i can't help it!)

 A little more ink (dylusions pure sunshine) as well as more soft pastels, yellow. I put one of my business cards in the tea bag pocket. I added the affirmation, writing with a soft pastel, spraying to set it afterwards.

I added marks with a gold oil pastel . . . The tea bag tags say: "Live in your strength" and . . . "Always be pure, simple and honest".

I made ice tea with this Green tea and just had to save the packaging!

I added part of a multi-colored pen shell . . . and signed the page.


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