mistake embraced

 When sending a handmade fabric sheet for my first prayer flag through my printer, it mistakenly printed out a troubleshooting report! At least "no problems were found". I was mad at the time because I had to make up another fabric sheet, but this feeling went away as soon as I successfully printed the words I wanted to for my prayer flag. However, I just could not bear to throw this fabric away. Instead, I thought it might make an interesting background for my art journal. I used my xyron adhesive system to lay sticky adhesive on the back of the fabric, smoothed it into my journal with a bone folder, spritzed ink and watered down paint on this "mistake" and waited for another idea.

 When I returned a day or two later I got the idea to add color with soft pastels. I had never really done that on fabric, but figured it was worth a try. I really liked how the pastels meshed with the fabric. Usually I will use a spray fixative with these pastels but this time, I gave them a light coat of matte medium. I had it out and was using it to apply a thin layer of paper napkin to the left side of the spread that was blank -the printed fabric ends 1/2 way across that page.

 The round clock image with the swans is from ARTchix Studio a sheet called Art Time Pieces. As you can see below I added another positive affirmation from the list my friend Joanna gave me. This time I had a crazy idea to write it out on a fabric flag of sorts. The affirmation is attached only at the spine and is loose. Click on any photo for more details.

 When the matte medium I was using was still wet, I sprinkled on stardust glitter! I love how it shines.

 I ended up spraying the affirmation flag with a bit of the pure sunshine dylusions ink because it seemed to blank otherwise.

 The orange flower in the corner was one I received when I went on a sunset cruise on the floating chapel last month. Since I was with some of my local Nia friends, who do support my growth, I thought adding the flower made a lot of sense. I used E-6000 to make sure it stuck!

 Above shows my flags flipped over. I really like the look of the gold pastel around the edges. That particular one is an oil pastel.

As a note: I don't look at this journal as a place to do remarkable, outstanding art! I look at it as a place to let loose and play, to try different things, to challenge myself with my favorite question, "what if?"

I really appreciate your interest, that you come and take a look, and maybe even comment. Thank you!

It is getting fuller every week! 

We must have the courage to be happy.

 ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

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