unexpected gifts

Today I was blessed with unexpected gifts: I found two packages stuffed into my mailbox. The first one was from Elizabeth Duke. She lives in Connecticut, where I used to live! We met back when I taught an ATC book class at the first ART IS YOU conference 6 years ago : ) I was not expecting Elizabeth to send me a gift, but so glad she did! Take a peek . . .

Elizabeth sent me a yummy handmade journal she created. It has a painted and stamped canvas cover and a hand stitched signature inside. I can't believe she made it and sent it to me!! She also made her own tag with a red & green script that she tied around the journal with a red ribbon. Then she added a candy cane and a package of Christmas tags, so sweet.

Thank you Elizabeth! ~ You are wonderful! 

We both have participated in The Sketchbook project for the past 3 years, so Elizabeth knew how much I'd appreciate a journal like this beautiful one she made. xo

Next, I spied a package from Fort Collins, Colorado. Hmmmm . . .

My friend Marla lives there, but this wasn't her address . . . it was a mystery!

The butterflies above are a card explaining the mystery . . . 

It was an unexpected gift from Christi Wich of Timeless Creations!

 A hand bound stash-type journal (made up of your stash papers!) filled with a great variety of papers, postcards, even maps of Florida and some wonderful text pages. WOW.

* I am still feeling pretty amazed at receiving this beauty! *

Besides the brick and mortar store called Timeless Creations in Colorado, Christi also has an online venue -- The Creative Underground: where

"we are able to offer our creative classes and inspirational groups to those of you whom do not live in our city, area, or state.  Or, for that matter...for those of you whom wish to partake in our myriad of offerings but wish to do so in your pajamas in the privacy of your art studio or home!"  

I found out about the Creative Underground online site through my friend, Marla. It was the class Marla had signed up for: 52 weeks of creative abundance, that caught my attention . . . . "

Each week will include ARTful projects-both personal and for your home, as well as video lessons, creative self-care practices and rituals, recipes, and a myriad of other inspirational endeavors and adventures that will help you to create a life rich in meaning and purpose, with a few opportunities to swap art with other participants!"

I signed up! Note: You must first sign up for membership to the group here, then you can go to the groups and classes tab and sign up for any of the classes. I did mention this class I had signed up for here on my blog and guess what? A bunch of my friends signed up too! Because of this, Christi wanted to send me a thank you : ) And how perfect is this gift? She has encouraged us to keep a journal throughout the class, and I've decided to use the one she sent me! I had done the first preparatory exercise of making a list of creative soul practices, but had not entered it in a journal yet. Since I have not even unpacked any journals yet, this gift is doubly perfect! THANK YOU, Christi!! I am honored and delighted.

I am so happy some of my friends have signed up because I will be able to work with them, so to speak, on a year long project through this class. I have done online classes before and the ones where you get to share with the other participants are the best!!! It leads to good collaboration, sharing and learning. And the friends who have signed up are so very creative and talented and fun!

Are you interested too?? Check out the links above. You still have time, as class starts December 21st, 2012 ~ the beginning of the solar year.

I am most grateful for these unexpected gifts.

Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.

  ~ Warren Bennis