A tour: our yard transformation

When we moved last November 2012, the yard was beautifully situated on the Braden River but very bare as far as plants. There was also a lot of grass, which makes a wonderful home for those pesky little no-see-ums (ouch!) and Steven did not want to mow it. He was already busy enough with his boats and handmade paddles.

So, we called in Ann Hall, my friend from Nia class and Florida friendly garden designer. We asked her to help us come up with a plan and to help us to get it all done. She has done a wonderful job and we are so enjoying our new space, settling in and feeling at home. I invite you to take a look at what we have done, working together with Ann, Grant Blackwell, Len Besterman and Billy Jenkins.

Many thanks to all of those involved for our wonderful end result! Direct link if you cannot see the video: http://animoto.com/play/mmnN0NoQvCbS7olhkEjRZg

p.s. you'll find more of my animoto videos right here on their own page.

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