daily paper prompts

I'm continuing with the daily paper prompts that anyone can use and find at daisy yellow

Scroll down past the intro once there to see the list with links to more description. I've done several of the prompts already at my own pace. First, paint a rainbow and windows were done together, then drips. The flower prompt was next and so awesome because I made ATCs for an ARTchix swap on the theme. The last prompt I did was the word linear. That was challenging but I ended up loving it and did half of a spread in my positive affirmation art journal. Now I'm finishing the other page in the spread with these two prompts:




First I made my certificate after much playful discussion with my husband about what I was certified for - HA! "Make yourself a certificate for something you know how to do!"

Steven and I brainstormed and decided at age 56, I know how to have a second childhood! 

I kept my "certificate" close at hand and worked on the next prompt, leftovers. I often do this (use leftovers from other projects in my art journal or collage) so I was happy to see what I could differently with Tammy's prompt. I remembered I has tossed the papers I use as cover papers to print leaves with yesterday when nature printing . . . there they were, crumbled up but still usable and with lovely "leftover" designs. 

I ripped some nice leaf sections out and glued them into my journal. I also taped my certificate in place with washi tape! I wasn't sure I was going to use it in my affirmations journal but it fit perfectly. p.s. Tammy & ICAD fans -it is an index card!

 Here you can see the "linear" page together with the "leftover" page . . . 

Below the certificate is flipped over to the other side where I placed a "leftover" image transfer of me & my hubby Steven. Truly I made this gel medium transfer a year or two ago from a photo. It was in one of my many boxes of leftover pieces. Steven is one big reason I am having a second childhood . . . playing, laughing, dancing, fighting, singing, arting and loving : )

thank you steven.

The positive affirmation you see here, I treasure all of the experiences I've had in my life -is one of many on a list my friend in the UK, Jo Urbani sent to me after I admired some she had used. I started this journal in 2012 and use a positive affirmation on every page spread. I have an album on flickr with pages done in 2012 and I am still adding pages to this flickr album! As soon as I finish filling in there, I will start a new album for the current pages from 2013. So much art . . . it's sometimes hard to continue to document it, but I am sure having fun trying!!! 

Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated!

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