drips . . .

Paper prompt #3 is drips, which I got from Daisy Yellow Daily Paper Prompts. Check it out and join us if you like! The prompts can be done on any size paper. I choose to work in my positive affirmation art journal that I started last year. The idea behind the prompts is to do something creative with it, whenever you can and at your own pace. There is also a facebook group you can join to share your art. I find doing something creative every day makes me a happier person.

I used FW acrylic inks by Daler Rowney that come with a dropper which made it easy to drip ink on my pages. I love doing this kind of creative activity and watching the inks swirl together . . . this is like playing for me!

Now, what if I added a bit of pink paint sprayed on and then brushed out with a wet brush?

A closer look . . . that's washi tape at the top holding my window on from yesterdays prompt.

Yes, I treasure my physical being that allows me to walk and dance . . . it carries me and holds me, allows me to express myself. I had a massage today for the first time in years and WOW, did I need it. Some of my muscles were sooooo tight. It was a little uncomfortable having them massaged at the time, but I feel better already and I am planning to go back for another before long. Conscious Movement is tomorrow and I look forward to dancing, wheeee!

peace be with you . . . 

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