The finished journal page! The Daisy Yellow Daily Paper Prompt was "linear"….draw something with mostly straight lines.

Okay. This approach is not typical for me, but I thought, let's try it. I got out my art journal, ruler and my brand new pencil I bought at the Ringling Museum Gift shop! I love their new logo!

I worked randomly, adding lines as I went.

Then, went over the pencil lines with a Sharpie Brush style permanent marker.

Next I added paint! I had reached for Dye-Na-Flow (by Jacquard, as well) but grabbed this Textile paint by mistake instead. I'm glad I did! It is thicker than Dye-Na-Flow, but still very "light". 

I decided before I started today that I would do just one side of the page spread in my journal. Doing the step-by-step photos of my process, much like I do with my online lessons is something I love to do . . . obviously! The teacher in me want to do this, even if I am not writing a lesson. But I did not want to make too much work for myself or get too tired . . . so I tried to reign myself in by doing just one page. Sometimes I think I'll simply do the prompts on paper and then perhaps add them to my art journal later. This page is in my positive affirmation journal, but there is no affirmation attached to this spread yet. I'm waiting until I finish the other side and then I'll choose which phrase will work. Do you have a favorite affirmation???

I really like this page! Thanks for the prompt, Tammy!

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