mail art exchange - Summer picnic

The most recent theme for our mail art exchange group: we {heart} mail art was, "summer picnic." It was just me & Jewels this time as Joanna could not join us . . . but all three of us will be exchanging next time. While you are looking at our mail art below you might want to have a listen to this . . . -The 5th Dimension

"Stoned Soul Picnic" - give it a play! (Jewels referred to this song when she sent her art and I could not help but look it up!)

First I'll share what I came up with. It was rather silly, but it fit the theme and I had fun doing it. Jewels and her new dog Mr. Darcy, enjoyed it as well. She wrote a note, or I should say, MR DARCY (Julie's pup) wrote a note after receiving and I must quote, it made me smile so much. (note: Lenna PIE was my Nonie's pet name for me!)

Dear Ms Pie - Mum told me to tell you how thrilled we are with your invite. She was doing a lot of oohing and ah-hing opening up your lovely mail art when we got home. I have to say I am a handsome dude if I do say so myself (and your young ladies aren't bad looking either). She said to tell you she loves the old photo and your art work inside (those sandwiches look yummy to me). Maybe she can sneak me on a plane ride down your way. Say hello to Miss Chloe and Miss Asia for me - some day we will be properly introduced. 
Mr. Darcy

I know jewels loves vintage so that's why I picked the photo of the 2 women for the front of the card. I used a cupcake liner as the background, simply because of the checks!

I did a little rubber stamping with some very old rubber stamps and used photos of all our dogs,

who would of course want to go on a summer picnic with us! 

My envelope was addressed to both Mr. Darcy & Jewels and looked like this:

Off it went in the mail and at the same time, Jewels posted hers to me. It was such fun to receive in my mail box!

Jewels Welsh

Jewels Welsh

I really love how Jewels manipulated the photo of her dad's garden for the background of her card, the beautiful, "psychedelic" green and pink behind the picnicking woman. ooh la la! It really goes with the song from the 5th Dimension. That reminds me of their song, "up, up and away in my beautiful balloon". I so loved that song! 

Now I am going to go take a look at jewels blog, where I know she has written a similar post.  I did not want to peek . . . wanted to see how similar or differently we wrote afterwards! 

I will come back and link directly to it after I do : ) Here:

It is fabulous! Jewels explains how she did her background. And we both posted the same song!! : )

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