New challenge: Daily paper prompts

I am moving from a daily index card challenge to a daily paper prompt on paper of any size. Tammy Garcia hosts these challenges via the daisy yellow site where you can find inspiration and creative prompts galore! The first two paper prompts for August 1 and 2 are Paint a Rainbow and Windows -which I combined in my positive affirmation art journal. I have not worked in this journal for a year!! It sure felt good to get back to it . . .

I used Lyra watercolor crayons and Cretacolor watercolor blocks

I cut one window directly out of my journal on one side and then also made a window frame for the other side-see below.

I taped the frame "window" on the top of the page with washi tape . . . . It's an index card that's blue on one side & red on the other!

Write here…

If you would like to see the earlier pages I did in this positive affirmation journal in 2012, follow this link!

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