Ogee prompt in my affirmation journal

The next daily paper prompt up was Ogee Pattern.

 I saw the pictures on the prompt page but I had never heard of this word before . . . so I looked it up!

A double curve, resembling the letter S, formed by the union of a concave and a convex line...

:: my first try at an ogee pattern ::

 I added yellow paint ~ dye-na-flow

I'm working in my positive affirmations journal

I decided to emphasize the pattern with thick black lines around the curves.

Then I got the idea to add dots and got a stencil out . . .

I learned the ogee shape is prevalent in architecture too.

This image is from ARTchix Studio, they have the best stuff!

my positive affirmation for this spread is serene & peaceful.

You can view all of the pages you see fanned out, in detail here!

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