* words*

"Words" was the next prompt I followed from Daisy Yellow. "Create art comprised mostly of words." -So that is what I did! I have been doing meditations with Deepak Chopra online and I scribbled part of his talk in a notebook, before one of the meditations. I read the prompt, then thought to myself, I would love to have Deepak's words in my affirmation journal. Positive affirmation is what he is all about! I started my spread by adding gesso to the pages to give them some weight and texture and then I spread the gesso out with a foam brush and let the pages dry.

Then I chose various watercolor pencils and started writing! 

The full spread. I used a slightly wet brush to release some of the color and later Steven told me it was Jung/not Yung! - I fixed it : )

I love how this art journal is growing, slowly but surely. I am not doing these prompts daily, although you could! I'm going at a slower pace and honoring what Tammy (daisy yellow) said about completing these prompts at my own pace. I love being creative in here again! It is my own messy, quirky, beautiful little book where I allow myself to play just for me and to keep me thinking, exploring, learning, growing, having fun and smiling!!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! 

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