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I love sending & receiving mail art and have been hooked on doing this for quite some time. ‘Mail Art’ is also the daily paper prompt #19 from Daisy Yellow! 

Create a piece of mail art and mail it to someone within 4 days.

I've done that a number of times recently and thought, why not share everything I created during August through the present time . . . well, except for one envelope which has been secretly sent! That will be shared later.

My most recent mail art was sent just last week to my brother-in-law's mother. I wanted to wish her well, as she had a brief hospital stay and was now home. She lives in Connecticut but often visits this area and really loves Florida. I like to use rubber stamps with permanent ink (StazOn) and then add a bit of color with a watercolor crayon.  I am sure this cheered her!

Beautiful postage stamps help to decorate the envelope, or use funny ones depending on the intent! On the envelope below I used one of the Muscle Cars postage stamps because my NIA instructor Becky is also an actress staring in the play, "Becky's new Car".

Here I have liberally used my water color crayons! Inside is a copy of a photo I took of a special Nia class that Becky hosted, with additional art added. 

For an ARTchix Studio swap on a Flower theme, I wanted to add a little mail art to the envelope holding my ATCs I was sending to the hostess Nikki . . . . she works hard organizing these swaps for Helga Strauss and I hoped this would brighten her mail day.

Rubber stamps, watercolor crayon, faux post & a transparency image from ARTchix Studio

Lastly, I both received and sent special pieces of mail art for my son Decklin's wedding! His fiance' Tina is a graphic designer and designed their wedding invitation. They personally chose and affixed very special, old postage stamps for the invitation they sent us . . . 2 Florida stamps, a LOVE stamp, a ST Lawrence Seaway stamp for Steven's family cottage on Wolfe Island, Ontario - where they have visited, Exploring the Moon for our moon & stars theme . . . look!

The invitation return RSVP card below, the wedding is soon!

my reply & my mail art for them! 

I definitely believe that this is true . . . 

create some mail art today!

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