slow journaling

"Slow journaling" was the prompt from Daisy Yellow that I focused on for this spread of pages in my positive affirmation journal. I just realized as I was typing, how appropriate it was that I chose this particular prompt! My last journal spread was completed about a month ago . . . that is some pretty slow journaling! I am glad to have jumped back in.

Before getting started I found a transparency of a sheet of background images from ARTchix Studio. I had purchased the image sheet digitally, then printed it out on to a transparency sheet. It was calling me . . . designed to be cut up and used as backgrounds for Artist Trading Cards, I wanted to use part of the whole sheet as a background for one side of my spread. 

 For the SLOW journaling - I drew wavy, uneven lines as instructed -first with a pencil and then with my watercolor crayons. I used a wet brush to activate the water color.

What I wanted to write slowly, I already knew. The day before I had attended Conscious Movement here in Sarasota. It is best described as, "Conscious Movement is an opportunity for you to connect to YOUR spirit, YOUR soul through movement. We dance barefoot, without speaking, so we can reconnect to our true spirit, our true soul. Through the healing vibrations of the sound, We move through and WITH our emotions in order to grow, to open, to heal and to increase our awareness and our consciousness."

 We had a special guest Tej Dharam that day who led us in a community Kirtan, something I had never experienced before. We sang the words I slowly wrote in my journal below . . .

It was not easy to sing together at first, but when I relaxed and let my mind go and let my voice blend in with the others, it was divine! 

I took my art journal outside on the porch for better light and better photographs.

A close up to share the little comment on the inside of a tiny Dove chocolate I enjoyed:

The more you praise and celebrate your life, 

the more there is to celebrate!

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