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Even though I have not been posting too often on my blog, I'm still working away in the background on my life & art! I'm blessed to have time to be able to concentrate on what I love: Dance and the Nia Technique, plus Conscious Movement, my art journal, photography, time with friends and family, plus conversations with those who support my creative spirit/inspire me. I often run out of time to share what I've been doing on a daily basis as much as I would like on this blog, but I'm here today! This seemed to be the best place to share this part of my life.

The other day I finished another journal spread in my positive affirmation themed art journal. I had been absent from working in it for a little while and had been thinking about it (feeling guilty!) when I went to finish a "crayon batik" my friend Cheryl and I had done during our visit to Selby Gardens. In order to finish, we needed to paint a background over our crayon drawings. When I was done doing that and saw the leftover paint sitting on top of the freezer paper, my first thought was to press the pages of my journal into the leftover paint for a background!

It made me very happy to do something as simple as adding paint to a page spread. Lesson learned! 

So I continued. I went on to add printed tissue paper and many leftover items I had saved in a "collage box".  I happily worked away on this journal spread of pages until I was done. 

The day was kind of grey and even taking my journal outside to photograph it did not improve things a lot. I did not think my photographs were that great. In fact I think that's one reason I did not share them until now - I did not think they showed off the journal pages very well. The one above was one of the best ones. I do show up online sharing my photos almost everyday on Blipfoto -an online photo journal site. My journal is called creativelenna.

 I have "met" many wonderful supportive friends there, many who are much more knowledgeable about cameras and settings than I am. I've learned a lot and continue to do so. One of my blip friends, hobbs was speaking about using his "prime lens" on his DSLR camera which gives a very short focal distance. I do not have the same kind of camera as he does but took the information he shared and tried to use it with his help! The short focal length setting had a wonderful effect for taking photos of this journal spread, let me share with you . . . I think this first one came out the best!

 You can look at lots of other pages HERE from this same journal, if this peaks your interest : )

I love combining my photography and my art! 

What about you?

What are you juggling right now? 

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