Mail art from my ❤

I do love sending out for our mail art exchanges, don't get me wrong. That mail art comes from my heart too! But this is a post about all the personal mail art I sent just for fun in April and May. And there was a lot of it, so I created a little video! Above is the back of an envelope I sent to my son Dallas & his wife Liz. They have 2 cats, hence the "sealed with a kitty" and I thought Dallas would laugh at the LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THIS stamp! The center sticker is an "art pop" from Roben Marie. I have fallen in love with these!!

I like to make animoto slideshow videos -they are easy to put together. You can try making a short one for free by following that link. This video is only 1:25 but will share with you 6 different mail art pieces I made. I will embed it below, but if you do not see the video here, just click on this link: