catching up on journal pages

Recently, I found I have not been working in my art journal on a daily basis, but still dive in a few times a month. Instead, I take photographs every day (fairly consistently) and journal about my favorite one for that particular day on my blipfoto journal. This habit has become a wonderful creative outlet for me - obviously, as I just celebrated 4 years of keeping a daily, or almost daily photo journal. Yahoo!

But paper & paint and my art journal still call to me. In fact I am thinking of challenging myself with a daily art activity like I do in the summer when I participate in the ICAD challenge at Daisy Yellow Art. I know how good it is for me to do a small creative thing every day so I might try to conjure that up again soon, on my own. You can get a good sense of HOW MUCH creativity gets conjures up by looking at my ICAD diary here: ICAD = index card a day!

Anyway, onto my 2 latest art journal spreads, done in late November and early December. I started this spread by using the leftover glaze from my table stamping as a part of the background. You can see the bronze glaze shining through the bright spay inks I applied on top -  This was the day I was waiting for this new couch to be delivered - the image from the online store catalog. They were late and terribly busy which meant I had to hang around for 5 hours!

A bit of doodling . . . working in my art journal made the waiting a lot more palatable! I love working with those inks. I have a variety of them and also use a blender called ink potion #9 that helps the inks to move easily across the page. For the next spread I just felt like doing something different, so I pulled out various papers from my collage paper bin and glued them down, knowing I would do something more to them later . . . . I just felt like I wanted a base of collage and paper instead of ink or paint like my past few spreads had been. Do you know what I mean? So my journal looked like this  to start and it sat like that (below) for a week or two until I went to add something to it.

At that point, I decided to paint a light coat of Gesso over the papers. Then, I got out some stencils I had not tried yet from Stencil Girl.

Frieda introduced me to them and I love them!  Below are 4 different stencils I tried.

I also incorporated some new metallic aquasticks - watercolor but metallic. And I added a favorite quote I got from a friend on blipfoto, Gitama.

The finished spread is below . . . 

I also made an animoto slideshow video about this journal spread. 

If you would enjoy seeing more of the step-by-step photos I took while creating for more inspiration - please visit this link.  Enjoy!!