What Lies Beneath? Week 5

Week 5 of the Documented Life Project

The January Theme: The Blank Page and How to Face It!

Art Challenge for January 31: Under Paper

The Journal Prompt: What Lies Beneath?

I started with a piece of under paper I had saved, paper I had worked on top of previously:

This paper was not very inspiring, so I got out my spray inks and a flower stencil. I sprayed enough ink in various colors so I could move it around. Note the drips! I liked the fact that using this messy under paper gave me the permission to play, even more that I usually do.

After I let it dry, I placed it in my journal and made a crease at the spine where I wanted it to lie, to make it easier to glue in. I used a glue stick, liberally. Next I ripped out a Vogue magazine photo of a model in a "graffiti-print" dress -I'm not kidding! The subscription came for free (points on a credit card) and I decided to take it only because of the collage possibilities it offered. ;o)

I filled in the empty white spaces with ripped bits of my decorated under paper and found the "LennaLines" Quote stamp I had produced back in 2001. Ever since I heard the prompt for the week was "what lies beneath" - this quote has been swirling around in my head. I also wrote the quote out with a permanent marker.

I also used a white Sakura Gelli Roll pen to scribble all over the pages and add depth to the model. There are stitching lines too! 

The full spread is below -

I like the richness of this journal spread. I also like that I have completed 5 weeks of this project -Yee Ha!  The Documented Life Project