DLP week 9: 5 Layers

  • Week 9 of the Documented Life Project 
  • February Theme: Layers You Will Love!
  • Art Challenge: Using at Least Five Layers
  • Journal Prompt: Give Me a High Five 

I really like the direct approach of this prompt to create with at least 5 layers. For me, it felt like a "what if" kind of approach I tend to use a lot . . . at least that's what I turned it into! I found myself thinking, what if I used THIS as a layer first, then put THAT over it next? Here's what happened...

Layer One: Paint!

I squirted acrylic paint from a tube onto my page. Use a plastic card to spread it around the page.

Use a variety of tools to make marks on the page. Let dry (the hardest part!)

Layer Two: Use a Stencil (Stencil Girl) and spray inks to layer color on top. 

I used an extra sheet of paper to pick up the extra ink on top of the stencil. I can use this paper for another project, like how I started the DLP week 8 prompt. Let dry.

Layer Three: Add colored tissue paper (and patterned) with gel medium. 

I like that you can still see the texture in the first layer of paint, through the tissue.

Layer Four: Add another layer of Acrylic paint on top of the dried tissue paper. 

Use paint combs to pull and texture the paint. 

Layer Five: Add paper collage on top of it all! 

The cups are a magazine catalog image I ripped out and saved in a box of scraps a year or two ago. When I got to layer 5 and decided to use paper, I went looking for something that would speak to me and work with the bright colors I started with. After gluing the cups down I used a black pen to outline then in a scraggly way. The circles are punched out of tea bag wrappers I saved. 

For me this was a very satisfying prompt. I kept myself to 1/2 a page spread because I was determined to get week 9 done and dusted before week 10 was announced! I have been a little bit behind, and then when my husband & I were both sick with a fever, chills and cough earlier this week, I really got behind. I do not like that feeling so I  gave myself a goal of getting caught up when I was feeling better. Now I will give MYSELF a Great BiG HiGH 5!!!! :o))