Fabric Elements Creative Challenge

Getting started with Fabric Elements by Rebekah Meier

Fabric Elements is a line of pre-cut fabrics and coordinating elements designed by Rebekah Meier for Mixed Media Collage. I was excited to learn I could find these products locally, at JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts. Wow, a whole line of products, including fabric, designed specifically for mixed media collage? I'm in! Then, I learned there was also a Creative Challenge Contest for using Fabric Elements in a project and it was easy to do. Use 2 or more of the products in the line and share with the hashtag #FabricElements on Instagram or Facebook. I could do that! The winners will be announced October 26th, so I think if I post today I made it in! 

I decided to create a variation of a Fabric Paper Collage, something I first learned how to do from my talented friend, Frieda Oxenham. For this version with Fabric Elements I did not follow the same steps as she outlined above on her blog, but just took the idea and used what I thought would work with what I had and what I remembered without looking at her notes!  Instead of rubber stamping the fabric, (mine is a Fabric Elements Fat Quarter) I used one of the Fabric Elements Stencils and acrylic paint, applied with a small sponge.

Next, I got out a sheet of the Fabric Elements Tissue paper and ripped a few sections into pieces. I used Golden Matte Medium and applied some of this to the fabric where I wanted to add the paper and then some over top of the tissue, using a foam brush. Then I smoothed it out with my finger. 

Next, I wanted to color the fabric. Since this will not be a wearable piece that needs to be washed, I picked spray dyes & inks that I have on hand. I usually make such a mess spraying, I tried a new trick I had heard. I placed my fabric inside a plastic tub (cardboard box would do too) and sprayed inside the tub. Much Better!! 

Below is my finished piece of fabric paper - after it had dried. I love the way The tone-on-tone fabric reacted to the spray dyes. I could cut this up for collage or ATCs, or I could make it into something . . . .  Thank  you to Rebekah Meier and Fabric Elements for this fun project that pushed me to try something new - and have fun creating it! 

The finished Fabric Elements ❤ Fabric Paper

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Let there be zero art guilt from today forward.
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