Leaf Prints

I realized today I had shared my latest Animoto video in a couple of places -on Facebook and Blipfoto, but not on my blog! The story is, my husband Steve came home last week with some wild looking leaves that had been eaten by insects. He and Dave Lucas had picked them up outside the boatshop. Dave said, "wouldn't Lenna like these for stenciling or something?".

Why, Yes! I would . . .  I took the leaves and experimented with acrylic paint and spray inks on Deli Paper, which was a new paper for me. I tried using the leaves like a stencil, and also like a stamp, as I would for nature printing. I made a short video sharing my process and the different results I got below. You can also find it on YouTube

Since making this video I have taken a number of the leaf printed papers and used them in other projects . . . my small moleskine journal and for a mail art envelope and card. That was a blast! I will be back in the next few days to share these projects with you. :o)

The most fulfilling adventures happen when you start your journey without knowing where you’re going, because only then are you free to experience the unexpected detours you’re meant to take.
— A.J. Darkholme