song lyrics mail art


For the "We ❤ Mail Art" group (that's me, plus my friends Julie Welch & Jo Urbani) - our October mail art theme was Song Lyrics. It took me some time to decided which song to pick for my inspiration, because there are so many to choose from. I listened to a lot of Pandora while driving and auditioned many a song! but when I heard "Toes" by Norah Jones, I got some good ideas and decided to use it. It went right along with my fascination of water. 

I made the envelopes for this exchange with an envelope template. I printed the lyrics out on plain paper for the front, then added color to it with water and spray inks. Some salt was thrown on to make the inks migrate & give texture. I lined the inside of the envelopes with printed scrapbook paper and put them together with glue & tape. Inside went another copy of the lyrics that were easier to read and some photos. To see a short video of the "build" of this mail art, follow this link to Animoto or view it below on my blog. And many thanks to my friends Jo and Julie for keeping me on my "toes"!! 

Life is a big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can.
— Danny Kaye