Doodles as a Focal Point

Coming into Focus!

Week 12 of The Documented Life Project (weekly prompts for Art Journaling)

March Theme isMaking Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)
March 21 Art Challenge is: As a Focal Point

The Journal Prompt is: Coming into Focus

I had these two photos of myself taken in 2012 with my new camera (at the time) in a tub of leftover collage papers & photos. It came out of the tub because on Wednesday the 18th of March 2015, a total of 1004 people who do the online photo journal Blipfoto posted photos of themselves with their arms reaching left and right so to virtually "grab" the hand of the next participant when the online journal photos were all lined up together, as they are on the site.

We were asked to include a sign in our photo that said "Blipfoto Forever" because at the time, the company was in Liquidation. This was our way to show support for something near & dear to us. Fortunately since then, Blipfoto has been bought by new owners and will continue on, instead of fold. Phew! These two photos of me and my camera printed on the same sheet, with the message "blipfoto forever" was held in my online journal entry I made that day. 

Just the photos in my journal BEFORE doodling

I wanted to remember this day of support and also the time spent visiting and  meeting of many new friends who were involved in the same project on Blipfoto. So, this week I incorporated the sign I made for the online event, with this week's DLP Challenge. Now the memory is in my paper journal as well as my online one. ; 0 ) I pasted my sign into my journal and added watercolor crayons and a description. 

Here you see I started doodling with a black Sharpie marker, then added purple marks

Purple marks everywhere!!

Purple marks everywhere!!

Finished. Focus is on the doodling, but I'm also focusing on my love of photography. 

Ta-Da! Weeks 11 & 12 together

I like following the Documented Life Journal Prompts because they take me places I would not go on my own. I like the exploring, the sharing online and also in person when people ask what I've been up to! A big thank you to the Art to the 5th Artists