Liberate your Art postcard swap - done & received!

My postcards were images from my art journal - 3 with the starfish, plus copies of wild Fish Mail Art I had made & sent previously. I made 10 altogether so I had extra to trade. 

Back in March I shared a postcard swap here that I had joined, called "Liberate Your Art 2015." Any medium was welcome for this swap. Art was liberated  by printing an image of your art on to postcards and sending it out into the world as mail art. Organized by Kat Eye Studio, this is the 5th year for this swap. More about it here! I used printing (check them out here) because they do a great job printing.  I was not disappointed . . . . I received 11 cards in return! 5 for the swap in exchange for mine, plus an extra one from the hostess Kat... 

Top right card is Kat's. Underneath hers is Wendy's from the Rio Grande Valley, on the bottom is Karen's. Above that is Dee's from San Francisco, on the far left is Caz's and top left is Charm's! What a great selection.

Because I made 5 extra, I was able to swap with others who expressed an interest on the Facebook group . . . . so I had lots of wonderful mail coming in! When I sent my cards in I made a magazine envelope that I arted up for Kat . . .

Top left is Lisa's from WI, next to that is Amy's from MN and then Janice's cool owl. Sherry's "wonder" came all the way from Alaska and the icy blue plants via Sarah in Atlanta Georgia. 

A video sharing of many of the participants art: 


What happens when artists from around the world liberate their art? Watch this video and see!


Enjoy and consider joining in next year!