moving through space

I was very happy to receive Stencil Girl's Stencil Club for June yesterday. Included were 3 versatile stencils designed by Cecilia Swatton and I wanted to play with them right away! I needed to do an Index Card for the Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge - so I got out my Lumiere paints. I started with a purple index card (4x6), chose Pearl Turquoise and Indigo Lumiere paints and I used a portion of the largest stencil that would fit on the index card.

I let that dry a bit and then tried another smaller stencil on top of what I already did. I used Metallic Olive Green Lumire applied with a stiff brush. Lumiere is one of my favorite paints, great on paper or fabric!  

I added the medium round stencil last and instead of using paint, I decided to color in the circles and outer lines with a Blue DecoFabric Glitter marker I have. To finish it off I used a black sharpie marker to create a "stitch line" frame and wrote One Stitch at a Time.... a mantra that seems to help me when I have a lot I want to accomplish while moving through space!! 

I have not started a Gallery here on my website for my 2015 ICADs (soon!) but I do have a nice, easy to view Gallery of the 2014 ICADs I did here. View all of them easily on one page, or click on any of the photos for a larger, more detailed view. Thanks for stopping by!